A Year Of President Trump – Some Thoughts

The time period is March 2017 (the 14th to be precise). Though I have never really stopped to think much about all of this in the past year (call it chaos on all fronts), it may be interesting to do so now. A year and change into President Trump. To think that some people had issues with saying or thinking about President Bush . . .

To get a full picture of this, we have to rewind a bit. All the way back to mid and early 2016, when all of this shit was just getting underway. Following the numerous Republican debates in which Donald managed to steal the show by exposing the false facade of all of his opposition with simple yet effective distraction tactics, he became the face of the GOP. Around this time, Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) remarked something along the lines of “He could end up being president”. Something that seemed hard to believe, to say the very least.

That summer and lead up to the election were interesting.

I went through a time period wherein the presidency of Trump was a horrifying proposition.  Though it was a period of worry over a period of time, it is encapsulated perfectly by one instance, involving me sitting in my workplaces deli and having a bite to eat. I looked at my table and the various trash items from that lunch that put a timestamp on their time of existence (recite, sandwich bag label, beverage container).

I then pondered the prospect of some future civilization or entity finding these time-stamped items, and if they could end up being a marker of the beginning of the great unwinding. For many decades, this species uniquely mapped out their heyday by burying millions of timestamped items and scripts in all the lands they occupied. Until some point early in the 21st century.

What brought that on? I honestly have no idea. My brain sometimes goes places that surprise even me. Call it a roller coaster that is uniquely my own.

After this period of worry, I went into what one could describe as a period of delusion. Having learned of Trump being a fairly progressive and humanistic man (or at least touting those views for the cameras) in the past, a conspiracy of sorts was hashed out in my mind. Donald the trojan horse!

Like the real-life interpretation in historical times (or the pesky virus that Vipre nabs if I visit the wrong site), it seemed possible. The man may be conning his way up the ladder into the presidency, only to turn around and be a friend of the people!
He had connections with the Clintons for decades after all!

Yeah. Embarrassing. Fortunately, that period didn’t last long (though it was unfortunately recorded on this very blog at some point).

After this, I guess you could say that the worry fell off of my radar. Be it fatigue, other matters closer to home overshadowing it (or a combination of both), I didn’t think much of it for months. In no small part because the thought of Trump actually WINNING the election seemed . . . assinine. Really, this feeling lasted until around 3:30 or 4am on election night, when the writing was so obviously on the wall that there was no denying it anymore.

Enter 2017. The year of the asinine.

As it stands, Trump was not the only factor that made me use this word to describe pretty much the entirety of the 365 days. All in all, it was a boatload of ridiculousness coming from pretty much all fronts. Some more so than others. None the less, all played a part.

Work life went through a transition. Though as with many things, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or as is more the case, get worse. Without going into to much detail, just getting through 4 or 5 hours (let alone the dreaded 8) became a struggle. In early December at one point, I actually LOST the struggle, my feet carrying me out the door and off the property, despite my brain saying in no uncertain terms that such was NOT a good idea. The culmination of trying to be a pusher of change in the background, only to have a superior utter a stupid comment to my face during a passive-aggressive power trip. I am too old for that shit.
I would end up getting past this, odd as it may seem. Though even in the immediate aftermath, no one truly responsible for spawning the work environment that I ended up reacting to took ANYTHING from it. It was apparent in my first briefing when I was back in the door, and it becomes more and more apparent as the days and months have proceeded.

Like sands though the hourglass, these are the days of our lives

The longer I stay, the more I waste away. Seems a good incentive to take stock of my priorities, doesn’t it?

It has also been an interesting year on the family and friend front (in more ways than one). Also, an expensive one, being that I tend to likely be more liberal with my charitability than I possibly should be.
One relation’s refusal to in any way better themselves (opting instead to just keep bringing everyone else down by wallowing in their own pity) has been a big part of the last year’s agony. Not to mention that the breakdown of an old family bond has made this relation become very manipulative of late,  attempting to use his feelings (“It hurts when you talk to him and don’t take my side!”) to get me to quit contacting this other person. This other person who themselves has a VERY full plate and as such gets a  compassionate ear when they can use it.

Granted, it has been a few months since this has come up. But mostly because I firmly put my foot down on the issue. When the person stooped so low as to question my intelligence after I would not allow myself to become a pawn in their feud, I essentially told them to enjoy the loneliness that they were apparently so DESPRATLY craving, and left the table (we were at a coffee shop). Oddly enough, I got a call the very next day. Same place, same time. Was as though nothing had happened.

Though that would fall apart. Having been busy for a period of 3 straight days, I hadn’t seen or contacted them. Then on new years eve, I get a text from this person alleging (well, stating) that I had disowned them, with the blame, of course, being his now arch nemesis. Being fed up with that bullshit (and with to much other stuff to deal with), I didn’t contact them for a good 10 days. If I am not going to put up with that from a manager, I am NOT taking it from a family member.

We have since spoken again. Though I don’t speak to him nearly as much as I used to. Though my motives and actions aren’t questioned to my face, the guy has the memory of an elephant, so who knows what other people hear. But I don’t care. I am too old to be putting up with more ridiculous bullshit from yet another boomer who thinks they have the god given RIGHT to control everything and everyone in their orbit.

I have compassion for mental illness. But if and when that becomes a tool of manipulation, I will be the first person to say FUCK YOU. Don’t even START with that shit.

Now, back to Donald.

As a backdrop to all of THAT was Donald’s war on intelligence of all kinds. It’s honestly no wonder that I have seen everyone from Contrapoints to Vox political commentators use alcohol and inebriation as a prop when exploring this mess. Hell, I am waiting for the day when someone like Keith Oberman, Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow cracks a bottle of tequila in the middle of a broadcast.

But, such is likely the nature of many on the left in these days. The feeling of being done with this 8 months ago, yet there is still a MINIMUM of 28 more to go. That is, barring some sort of judicial miracle.
I would LOVE to see that day, but I don’t put much hope in it. I don’t doubt that Robert Mueller can get the job done if unencumbered. But that is just the thing . . . there is no guarantee.
The GOP seems more than willing to aid and abet if it means that they keep the reins. The boomers are known for their stubbornness in allowing anyone else to share in their successes and privilege, but this takes things to a whole new level.

As for my thoughts on Trump the politician . . . I honestly don’t know what to say. Just thinking about it is painful. It’s like everyone’s undereducated but overly opinionated uncle or grandfather now inhabits one of the most important political offices on earth.

Some things are not even worth mentioning anymore. The hypocrisy train is SO far from the station at this point that it’s not even worth acknowledging. Something that the media seems to finally be realizing, considering some of the big stories of late. Namely his war on NAFTA (much of his clothing line was manufactured in Mexico or China), and the Chinese steel tariffs (he built many buildings using Chinese steel).

He is a reactionary puppet, no question about it. Whether or not he EVER had an original thought in his brain is debatable, but he certainly doesn’t seem to have many anymore. Something that may not be AS bad, depending who is in his ear.
But having seen who those people are . . .

Where is this all going? Good question.

Though the man seems far too inept and gullible to be truly evil (compared to say, Vlad the poisoner Putin), one must never underestimate the forces that may well back his whims. Is it going to be a repeat of the last time that the fascists held all the strings?
Many entities would love that. Some out of cluelessness to what exactly they are propping up, their views clouded by social justice issues (albeit for white males), Freedom of speech, Islamic creep in the west, and other cover issues. And some know EXACTLY what they want, and how things are going to be. Like the triggered guppies that happen upon my piece about the European Brotherhood when looking for more information to fulfill their discriminating tastes.

But now, the silver lining. A blue wave and a bunch of pesky high school students.

It’s been hard to see much to latch onto in this past year that wasn’t REALLY grasping at straws. But the positive seems to be slowly making itself more visible. Observations like the fact that a great many lefties seem to have learned their lesson. Though we’re years out from most elections, many happening in the last year have been in the Democrat’s favor. Hell,  Alabama turned blue (though I am sure that Roy Moore had a lot to do with it). And even more assinine, TEXAS may also turn a lot bluer than it ever has been.

Also making waves in all the right ways, are the teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Granted, this story did not start in a positive way. None the less, however, the students managed to harness the loss of their friends and peers in one of the worst school shootings, into genuine resistance.
Looking at the reactions of gun advocates, the NRA, and the right in general, these kids have UNDENIABLY hit a nerve. The reaction to the corporate and public backlash may as well be a comedic sketch. The feet of these psychopaths are good and toasty for the first time EVER, and all they seem to know how to do is pour more gasoline (gunpowder?) onto the fire.

I hope that the momentum keeps going. Expecting to get genuine gun reform out of it might be akin to hoping that Trump will resign voluntarily. None the less, I am good with seeing grown adults become so intimidated by a few teenagers that they make asses of themselves in attempting to prove that the wisdom of longevity is more cogent than . . . reason.
The 2 that went on Bill Maher’s show made for one of my most enjoyed interviews. Not only did they throw his millennial ignorance in his face (albeit politely), they also publicly slammed an entire generation. They didn’t slam the boomers by name, but it’s good enough for me.

In conclusion . . .

How will it all end?

I guess we will find out. Be it elections in 3 and 7 years from now, or a cloud of contaminated particulate and a man-made winter, only time will tell us our fate. Something that should be on the mind anyway, in these days of increasing climate chaos and resource depletion.

Trump is not the final problem. He is just the beginning.

“Liberal Purists” Vs. “Corprate Democrats”

While this issue has crossed my mind before (long before the election), recent events have pushed it to the forefront for many. It started with a segment from Bill Maher’s weekly show “Real Time”, in which he told liberal purists to basically go fuck themselves. It was not a bad segment. If anything, I think it was about time for someone to say it.

But as expected, there was backlash. Though likley from multiple sources, the one I came across (and the one I will respond to) originated on Kyle Kulinski’s Secular Talk news show. While I understand where he is coming from and express some agreement, there are problems.

But first, for context, here are both applicable segments (as featured on the Secular Talk channel).

I like the segment on the part of Maher (as I have said before). And I agree that Kyle has a point. But as seems to be a habit of Kulinski, he has turned it into a dichotomy. Bill Maher and defenders of the corporate democrats Vs “WE TOLD YOU SO!” liberals.

The first thing I have to acknowledge is the elephant in the room. The deception that cost the DNC the election (not REALLY, but none the less . . . ). Sanders should have been at the helm. He was, and really still is, the most popular politician in America. He is slowly pissing away that credibility in touring with the status quo democrats (as opposed to telling them to go fuck themselves. Or just retiring!). But none the less, he has something that Americans like. He EVEN NOW easily unites both populist branches of American politics, despite having several scary labels attributed to him. If he was run against Trump, he would have EASILY wiped the floor with him.

This is not to diminish Hillary however. Though certainly not the IDEAL candidate by any means of measure, she became a better candidate in the days leading up to the election. She had to as a women (like it or not, as a women, you have to be EXTREMELY well read even when in competition with an orangutan). But even with that, there was just to much baggage.
Stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders was a big part of it. But there was also a lot beyond that. Not just the emails, and other stuff that blew up just before the vote either. Also legacy hatred (some of it which may even be more on Bill than her), and flat out irrational and unfounded disdain. I am sure we have all seen this in friends and family that talk about all of her alleged and hard to find crooked dealings. Despite the fact that Trump has likley committed every one of those allegations IN REALITY. But that doesn’t fly for these people because . . . fuck it.

Find me a person (or several people) that have verifiable claims of being screwed over financially by the Clinton’s and I will take the crooked Hillary thing seriously. That’s not to end the conversation either. If you knew such a detail, feel free to comment.
I just know that asking the same question of Trump would result in MANY results. And that’s just the ones we know about.

Either way, there were both legitimate and stupid reasons to not be in favor of a Hillary led democratic campaign against a Trump led GOP campaign. One of the more glaring ones seemingly being showcased by Kyle Kulinski, was this potential outcome. President Trump.

Uh. Even after 100 days, those 2 words just DO NOT belong together. Like delicious dogshit.

Either way, while that turned out to INDEED be a factor that should have been taken into consideration, its also a somewhat false argument. Because it is a self fulfilling prophecy set in motion by the left itself.

I get it. Bernie Sanders was, as far as candidates come, superb. He had an excellent history both in terms of activism and voting. He had a platform that energized Americans (particularly otherwise politically apathetic liberals!) to a degree that may well have surpassed even Obama’s 2008 campaign. And his message was universal. Given the chance, he would likley have resonated with a huge cohort of the population that ended up casting the “Fuck it!” vote for Trump.
Since all Trump could really bring to the table was a salesman’s mentality and carefully chosen sticky insults (crafted by psychological experts), it would likley have been a breeze.

Yes. Looking back, if the goal of the DNC is to WIN, one would have to be comatose to not ask “What the FUCK?!”. One theory I have is that Bernie would be horrible for corporate donations, and as such needs to be stymied at all costs (even if it means conceding the election). If this were the case, it would put the DNC pretty much on par with the GOP as “The most dangerous organization in human history” (to quote Noam Chomsky).

But tin foil aside, yes, what happened wasn’t right by ANY means. However, even with the underhanded way that Hillary ended up in the position, what is the more logical thing to do?
Abstain, or worse, help move Trump (a PROVEN lyin and crooked buffoon!) into office by voting him in? Or casting a vote for Hillary, a candidate that is far from ideal, yet competent enough to actually KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THE JOB ENTAILS?!

“We told you so!”

On behalf of the American left that actually participated by voting either Dem or independent, and on behalf of the rest of the world looking on in surreal agony, let me say 2 words . . . fuck you.

While some of the worries expressed by Maher and others like him may be questionable, because of you asshole abstainers, the world is creeping ever closer to . . . WHO THE FUCK KNOWS!

Nuclear War? Hitler 2.0?

I have no idea. I feel for every single person out there that has children living anywhere on this rock. Because be it in the short or the long term (turning the clock back on climate change), the left screwed them over.
Yes, it IS the right that is running rampant back to the 1800’s. And yes, even the corporate democrats are more open to fossil fuels than one would like. But at least they ACKNOWLEDGE climate change.
So instead of competency, we end up with a baboon and puppet that makes Sarah Palin look like a scholar in comparison. Fine, possibly to far. But at least I know where she stands!

S: “Drill baby Drill!”

T: “Pharmaceuticals are far to expensive! . . . oh, so you need less regulation . . . Nothing to see here folks!”

Indeed, American liberals got screwed over by their supposedly representing party. But what culminated following November 8th was not inevitable by any means. It did not have to happen. So while I acknowledge the legitimacy behind the hesitation to support Hillary . . . piss off with the “We told you so!” shit.
Many criticize the American right for being blindly patriotic to a point of danger. Well, I think that something similar exists on the left. Only in that case, these people are so blindly fixated on their flawed system that they negate to consider that they are a SUPERPOWER. Like it or not, American decisions matter.

Despite this scathing criticism, I have to congratulate cohorts of the left for using this time to seek viable change. Though at least 3 grassroots groups have sprung up seeking candidates of change, Justice Democrats seems to be one of the more popular ones. And they are vetting and running candidates even faster than I thought they would. Organized and created in January (if memory serves), they are already pushing for high level DNC positions. And I think these people actually have a chance.

While I knew that Bernie’s run would energize a new generation even if he was unsuccessful, I have to admit that President Trump is likley creating momentum that we may not have seen under Hillary.

The only silver lining to this presidency that I have been able to find so far.

American Veterans Deserve Better

The last time I broached this topic was back in early November , before both veterans day and the election. I was bothered and annoyed AGAIN by the veterans being used as a political football (mainly by the President Elect). In the case of Trump, it was so much more than that (flat out false support). But it seems that comes with the territory of the man.
We didn’t elect the OTHER candidate, because shes crooked Hillary. Despite the fact that pretty much every (false) allegation aimed her way, ended up being TRUE in the Trump context!

But how that turned out, is a matter of history at this point. And with word increasingly coming out that the Russian collision stuff is provable beyond the circumstantial . . . who the hell knows where this is going to end up.

Either way, I opened my blog Twitter feed tonight and happened on a whole set of Democratic tweets from earlier today. Hilary had one, Bernie had one, and Nancy Pelosi had a few. One of them (referencing veterans) I found quite irritating.

Which is why I decided to respond to it.

As I have said before, no matter what I think about the decisions made at every level (including the one to voluntarily enroll), there is injustice here. Those that choose to give themselves to their country (often times with drastic consequences) deserve the best.

What they do NOT deserve, is the fucking minefield and bureaucratic disaster that is the current state of American veterans affairs.  A system where extremely high risk people (in terms of mental illness) slip though the cracks. Often to volatile to re-assimilate back into ordinary life, many end up homeless, drug addicted, often dead. Be it at their own hand, or due to unfortunate consequence (eg. Overdose).

It makes me angry. And really, how can it not? There is no shortage of hawks looking for ANY excuse to justify more boots on the ground somewhere. And there is never EVER any problem finding money to bankroll these operations. Yet there seems to NEVER be even a pittance to put towards the recuperation and overall well being of those returning from these battles.
Only window dressing. And mentions from politicians and citizens alike when the context is right (“enough with the immigrants! What about our homeless / Veterans?!”).

And neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have done anything to fix this atrocious fucking disaster of a problem in the last 16 years. Both are equally culpable.

In my post in November, I said that I wished Hillary would run on fixing the VA (and then actually DO IT, of course). Despite this being an almost certain path to victory (imagine being the politician or party to stand AGAINST veterans!), she didn’t unfortunately. Trump had the troop cred. And even though it was a FUCKING joke, it likely had some part in his win.

Its time for one of the parties to grab this issue, and own it. I don’t give a shit if its the Democrats or the Republicans (or another 3ed party). I am an issues person. As such, I support those that align with my issues.
Its a winning strategy. I honestly do NOT know why someone has not already jumped on this bandwagon. To be against it, is to be against THE TROOPS. On permanent voting record.

It has to start from the bottom though. It has to start with us.

If you find yourself dismayed at the plight of the troops, you have recourse. Find out who your important DC politicians are and write them with your concerns. 2018 has a round of important elections. Perfect time to bring the issue up!
And when the leadership races and presidential run of  2020 comes around, again, make your voice heard. Make sure every candidate from the initial dozens, right down to the final 2, has the issue on their mind.

Its far from Americas only problem. But it is an excellent jumping off point (in terms of tackling other big ones) if there ever was one.

Micheal Moore – A Tale Of 2 Men

Today, I am doing something that I have never really done before. I begin the journey and process of investigating someone that I have always highly regarded. That person is Micheal Moore.

Despite being a Canadian by birth, my interest (and fondness) for Micheal Moore started pretty much when I found myself drawn to politics. Which would have been my early to mid high school years. That would have been around the time when geography and social studies started to open my mind to the outside world. This was also when I first came across Micheal Moore, having seen a screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 at the theater of my local university.

Yes, I was one of those people. I believed it. In my defense, I was young.
But despite being corrected in the not to distant future from that point, I still had a healthy respect for Moore. My favorite of his documentaries (post Fahrenheit) being Bowling For Columbine. I first seen this one in English class, of all places (imagine how THAT would go down in Oklahoma or Texas!).

I would later watch pretty much all of Moore’s offerings (from Roger and Me to Slacker Uprising). Though I have yet to see Moore’s most recent release, I seen (and enjoyed) Capitalism: A Love Story. At my local Value Village a couple years ago, I happened upon 2 of Moore’s books, Stupid White Men and Downsize This. The 2ed being a great find being I came across it not long after watching the film that Moore made while touring for it, called The Big One.

Cracks didn’t start forming in my opinion of Moore until I happened across a film called Micheal Moore Hates America. The film was about more than just exposing a prominent left wing icon. It was also about exposing documentaries as a genre. With creative editing, you can easily lead a viewer astray. As was the case for me in my favorite Moore documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

Either way, though I have regarded Moore in a more-less positive light since viewing this film, he isn’t the hero that I once held him to be. I can not say that his work has not done good, could not do good. But at the same time, if there is something that is not on the up and up . . . it be good to know.

On that note, lets begin.

There certainly is a lot to find. Moore has many fans, but he also has many detractors, with craziness abound on both sides. A challenge!
One of the first things we come across (a few hits after Moore’s own site) is Micheal More: EXPOSED! . Though I am unsure of the agenda or bias, it seems a good place to start.

One of the first things that sticks out is that Moore is allegedly not from Flint Michigan (as he has always claimed). The website claims he is from a place called Davison Michigan. To quote the page:

Davison is near Flint, but there the resemblance ends. Its median house value is twice that of Flint, which may explain why its black population is a miniscule 0.5%.

Unfortunately, the page does not cite sources for this information. Not a problem, however!

Wikipedia says that he was born in Flint, but raised in Davison. He owns at least one home in Davison, soon to be a museum of sorts (according to Moore, anyway).
This article however (dated February 10th, 2005) is more clear, however.

But Flint officials say Moore hasn’t put one penny of his millions back into his hometown. Maybe that’s because it’s not really his hometown.

“He ain’t even from Flint,” Britton said. “He was born and raised in Davison! He wasn’t even raised here in Flint.”

Davison is a white collar suburb 13 miles away.

While this quote is quite damning, its only one of many interesting new details. Stuff that safely calls into question pretty much all of his past work.


Having seen the film mentioned at the start of this piece (Micheal Moore Hates America), the following exert of the previous article is also unsurprising.

We wanted to know what Michael Moore had to say about all this. But e-mail, after e-mail requesting an interview, went unanswered.

So we did what Michael Moore would do, paying a visit to his $2 million lake house in Northern Michigan.

But Moore wasn’t there.

And a staff member who wouldn’t identify himself also wouldn’t tell us how to find Michael Moore.
He did take our card, and promised to pass it on to Moore or one of his assistants.

But the man who makes a living out of forcing the high and mighty to answer his questions wouldn’t answer ours. We never heard back from Michael Moore, or his staff.

The exact same thing he did to the makers of MMHA. Not only was he untraceable, he would not even CONSIDER sitting down and answering questions.

I know that it is fairly common to fake (or keep ambiguous) your origins once famous. Moore it seems, was no different. Albeit his reason seems to be the reverse of the typical. Rather than needing to be from somewhere affluent, his career trajectory required the opposite. And assuming the article cited is indeed correct, the very first move of his career was to use the city and people of Flint for his own ends and enrichment, then turn his back on the place (may I sell you my new documentary film idea called Micheal and me?).
That is, until a more recent tragedy brought the city back into the forefront of America’s (and really, the world’s) attention once more.



Nothing like a good tragedy to garner some virtue brownie points.

To conclude, its unfortunate.

As one of the most influential voices of the left wing, the man had potential of doing a lot of good. But as it stands, its hard not to see him as a fake. Playing a part. A part that he (it seems) decided to play upon the filming and release of his very first documentary. And a part that he continues to maintain to this very day.

Because standing up for the little man can be a goldmine if you play your cards right.

Though this last part may seem out of left field . . . Adam Carolla (of all people) was right.

The whole interview is good, but whats relevant starts at 3:55. It starts differently than you would expect, but keep listening.

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Democratic Party Insanity?

A question occurs to me of late, fueled by the work of such news platforms as Kyle Kulinski’s show Secular talk . . . What is with the democrats?! Despite the road to electoral victory being blatantly obvious, that is never the road of which they choose.

From bottom to top, the strategy never seems to change. This is the status quo, so we’re running with that. As for what you think . . . FUCK YOU!
Alright, to be fair, that sentiment goes on both sides of the aisle. But up to now (with the exception of Obama, anyway), the choice has been quite . . . unappetizing. Yes, Obama was a disappointment in many ways, but he also inherited a shit storm of monumental proportions.

Either way, the last time around, one would have thought it obvious that Democratic party needs to be smart in their choice. Which would have been very easy, with Bernie Sanders at their fingertips. Knowing the sentiment of the nation at the time (as should have been apparent from the exact same sentiment fueling a quite risky candidate on the right side of the spectrum!), the choice should have been clear.

Or not, as it turns out.

The first part of that being the Hillary aspect. She wanted her chance at the strings. Unfortunately, that chance ended up turning into a power grab from Bernie Sanders (whether or not that was REALLY the situation). Optics is everything in the political world. Well, unless you are Donald Trump, aka Bush 2.0 (same electoral results!). Either way, when it comes to the Hillary campaign, it was chronically damaged from the get go. The DNC fancy footwork, the scandals, and her unfortunate inability to shake the whole inhuman robot image, and even Bill’s legacy.
She had/has every right to run for office. But this cycle, the cycle where the masses are pissed at the establishment, and her being the epitome of what angers them . . . was not the right time. Yes, a large amount of the Hillary hate is not even based in reality (mostly stuff that is more fitting to Donald actually!). But even after I get done scolding the American left for allowing the patients to take complete control of the asylum, I can’t ignore the single biggest reason for the resentment.

Yes, she in fact DID win. It should be President Hillary Clinton, as opposed to president elect Donald. But even so, I don’t think that there is much doubt that in a Bernie V Donald race, Bernie would likely have moped the floor with the GOP.

Yet, the Democrats choose not to go that route. And it seems that they are choosing to go that same route again. Which would beg the simple question that is . . . why?

Looking at the party as a political entity that always operates to seek power (presumably for the benefit of the people, but after citizens united . . . HA!), the strategy is indeed, ridiculous. Stupid. Dumb. The list goes on.
However, if I look at it either as a long term well paying employer for a few reoccurring names, or a well oiled money making machine, the actions start to make sense. Citizens United has ensured that everyone’s wheels are well greased, so in the context of most elections, rich backs will get scratched either way. However, in a case where you have a possible Bernie Sanders candidacy, this grease pretty much ensures that said candidacy will go away. No matter what the cost.

I remember watching David Pakman interviewing a fellow a few months ago (don’t recall his name) who was certain that the republicans were dead in the water. To him, the republicans had already written off the presidency and were in full blown damage control mode. A point that became more plausible after news came out that the RNC was no longer funding the Trump campaign.

Of course, we now know how that ended.

But it has to make one wonder . . . was the presidency written off by the democrats, purposely?

Now we are getting into the territory of conspiracy, indeed. But if I look at this from the standpoint of a vested big money interest looking to buy some influence, I know that money talks. When I give to a republican, I know what I am getting in return. One could say the same for a democrat to normally . . . that is, unless Bernie Sanders is the leader. Hillary at the helm is a win, even if her campaign is a bust. But Sanders at the helm (and a probable Sanders presidency!) could be a disaster.

I will leave it up to the rest of you to decide and comment below (if you want).

1.) Are Democrats to stupid to choose the right path?

2.) Are big moneyed interests a big factor in these decisions?

3.) Another explanation

Get Your Paws Off Of My Pecker! – Texas Law Makes A Point

I was absolutely SHOCKED when I first heard about this horrifying and horrendous bill out of Texas. I mean, come on! Its not MEN you are supposed to be penalizing for enjoying their god given sexual urges!

Texas Law Would Fine Men For Masturbating, Require Rectal Exam For Viagra

Within 10 minutes of this story going national, old men everywhere rushed to their pharmacy for a Viagra refill. As the gun nuts said on every single day during Obama’s last 8 years, “Get them while you still can!”.

Proposed new law in Texas would require men who want Viagra to be subject to a rectal exam and would punish male masturbation with a $100 fine.

House Bill 4260, called the “Man’s Right to Know Act,” was filed late last week by a Democratic Texas legislator Rep. Jessica Farrar.

The Statesman reports the details of the new legislation:

The bill calls “masturbatory emissions” an “act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life.”

The gloves are off, the women ain’t taking your shit anymore boys. Wish you hadn’t fucked around with their right to choose just to be a dink, yet?

The bill also contains provisions that would also put restrictions on vasectomies, Viagra prescriptions and colonoscopies, including:

  • The state must create an informational booklet called “A Man’s Right to Know” that contains information and illustrations on the benefits of and concerns about those three treatments. A man must review the booklet before going through with any of them.
  • A man must receive a rectal exam and an MRI of his rectum before any of the three treatments.
  • A man would not be able sue a doctor for refusing to provide those treatments or another procedure if the procedure violates the doctor’s “personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs.”
  • A doctor must obtain consent from the man before providing the treatment, and the man may give it only if he waits at least 24 hours after the doctor’s visit.
  • The state must establish a registry of nonprofit organizations and hospitals that provide abstinence counseling, a supervising physician for “masturbatory emissions,” and semen storage.

“Masturbatory emissions” must be stored for the wife for conception.

Masturbatory emissions. Sounds like the carbon footprint discussion of a mans porn consumption habits, at first glance.

The Statesman also notes that current state law “requires that doctors distribute to women considering an abortion the ‘A Woman’s Right to Know’ booklet, which contains illustrations of gestational periods and the risks and side effects of abortions. Women also must wait 24 hours after receiving the booklet and must undergo an ultrasound before the procedure. Abortion of a viable fetus can bring a penalty of at least five years in prison.”

The proposed legislation is an obvious attempt to satirize and draw attention to the unreasonable and dangerous policy proposals concerning women’s reproductive freedom coming from the Republican Party.

Commenting on her bill, Rep. Farrar told mysanantonio.com:

A lot of people find the bill funny. What’s not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare.

Not funny indeed.

Though it remains to be seen how effective this will end up being (as a publicity stunt), A++ for effort and creativity. And keep up the excellent work for the citizens of your state. They need it.

A Future Uncertain 

America. Oh, America. What did you do . . .

Unlike Michael Moore (and almost everyone else, to my credit), I didn’t see this coming.

President Trump. 

Though I didn’t give the electoral process much more than enough attention to merely keep up to speed previous to last night (I LIKE politics, but even I find it hard to justify watching a debate), I paid fairly close attention late last night, when the polls started to roll in. For 3 or 4 hours I listened to CBC news (and doing other tasks). When Clinton’s easy lead begun to become a bloodbath of epic proportions, it was hard to think anything but “you have GOT to be kidding me!”.

But, in all honesty, as much as this election exposed a HUGE flaw in a democratic system reined by a mostly ignorant populace, that aspect is not the most bothersome. Deplorable views aside, your not going to change these people. 

But the progressive left (or, the left PERIOD!) did have an option, a say. They had one vote. One vote for not Bernie establishment democrat, mind you. A Hillary Clinton win was (or at least, should not have been seen as!) not the victory. It was a steping stone. And if anything, it was a minor vote to the more important other positions which are . . . EVERYTHING UNDER THE PRESIDENT. Local, state, all of those. They have a direct impact on local life. But, by the poll counts, its seems many leftists STILL have not figured that out. The republicans, headed by one Donald Trump, now run the show. Effectively the whole FUCKING country. 

On the right, concessions were made, as always. Evangelicals (and most sects really) AGAIN, agreed in the name of a common goal. As did (it seems) many women, minorities, African Americans. 

But the left it seems, as usual, choose narrow minded and miopic self intrest over long term common good. 

Many Bernie fans either stayed home, or went Trump (those are the worst of them all). Some went independent (keep in mind that with these voters, I do not really hold a grudge. Even if they didn’t help things in the end, they had their say). And others still, settled into mindsets like “they are equally crooked” or “my vote dosen’t count anyway!”. 

Yep. Your vote doesn’t count. 

But, as weird of a place as this somewhat unexpected Red Dawn has put many of us mentally, I have to still think that we should keep an open mind. Trumps acceptance speech last night (watched live) was shockingly civil and gracious. But we should be ready for anything. And be ready to stand up for those of us whom need defending. 

Just in case. 

I have a lot  of anger with the faction ridden american left that handed this election over on a silver platter (the DNC holds blame to, BUT SO DO YOU! Non participants!). But, let this be a lesson. Take a card from the religous status quo and put your diffrences aside for the common good!

This is a big reason why I hate patriotism. The winning half didn’t just take the vote patrioticly. . . so did the left. So consumed with the nationalistic perspective they were, that they forgot about the rest of the world. Common for any nations election really, but few matter as much as the United States. 

No matter how we got here, we are here. So rather than living in denial, we have to figure out the next step. Even if that step just went from a stair to a cliff.

Is this the edge of the abyss? 

I’ve felt the world to be in that position before. Lets hope its just as irrational an assumption as it was then.