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The Cobain Case

These last few years have been quite the roller coaster, intellectually. Not something I haven’t said before. But it nicely applies here, since this intellectual growth has come to touch on pretty much every single thing that I have ever … Continue reading

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The Silent Wall

Yesterday, I made a decision that was arguably years in the making. I decided to go silent on Facebook for at least a little while by way of deactivating my profile. Something that is a big deal for someone using … Continue reading

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31 Questions For Atheist’s

I once did one of this questionnaire’ es some time ago (a daunting task, being I was typing on a smartphone at the time), but think I’ll tackle this once more.  I’ve mostly left this topic in the dust, but … Continue reading

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A Year Of President Trump – Some Thoughts

The time period is March 2017 (the 14th to be precise). Though I have never really stopped to think much about all of this in the past year (call it chaos on all fronts), it may be interesting to do … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. It is that time of year, once more. A time of joyful self-indulgence and oh so much stress for many people. The latter has always struck me as interesting. Particularly for the very vocal “It is … Continue reading

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Freedom. It’s a word that we are all too familiar with now. Libertarians & Conservatives talk endlessly about defending it, despite Liberals generally being more committed to the cause overall. It is a word, but it really is a whole … Continue reading

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What Is The Value Of Life? + Other Realizations Of 3 Decades Of Existence

I’m getting old. In truth, I am only 28, going on 29 this June. Some would say that I am still a spring chicken. Or as my old boss would say, a young buck (I don’t think he knew that … Continue reading

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