“Liberal Purists” Vs. “Corprate Democrats”

While this issue has crossed my mind before (long before the election), recent events have pushed it to the forefront for many. It started with a segment from Bill Maher’s weekly show “Real Time”, in which he told liberal purists to basically go fuck themselves. It was not a bad segment. If anything, I think it was about time for someone to say it.

But as expected, there was backlash. Though likley from multiple sources, the one I came across (and the one I will respond to) originated on Kyle Kulinski’s Secular Talk news show. While I understand where he is coming from and express some agreement, there are problems.

But first, for context, here are both applicable segments (as featured on the Secular Talk channel).

I like the segment on the part of Maher (as I have said before). And I agree that Kyle has a point. But as seems to be a habit of Kulinski, he has turned it into a dichotomy. Bill Maher and defenders of the corporate democrats Vs “WE TOLD YOU SO!” liberals.

The first thing I have to acknowledge is the elephant in the room. The deception that cost the DNC the election (not REALLY, but none the less . . . ). Sanders should have been at the helm. He was, and really still is, the most popular politician in America. He is slowly pissing away that credibility in touring with the status quo democrats (as opposed to telling them to go fuck themselves. Or just retiring!). But none the less, he has something that Americans like. He EVEN NOW easily unites both populist branches of American politics, despite having several scary labels attributed to him. If he was run against Trump, he would have EASILY wiped the floor with him.

This is not to diminish Hillary however. Though certainly not the IDEAL candidate by any means of measure, she became a better candidate in the days leading up to the election. She had to as a women (like it or not, as a women, you have to be EXTREMELY well read even when in competition with an orangutan). But even with that, there was just to much baggage.
Stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders was a big part of it. But there was also a lot beyond that. Not just the emails, and other stuff that blew up just before the vote either. Also legacy hatred (some of it which may even be more on Bill than her), and flat out irrational and unfounded disdain. I am sure we have all seen this in friends and family that talk about all of her alleged and hard to find crooked dealings. Despite the fact that Trump has likley committed every one of those allegations IN REALITY. But that doesn’t fly for these people because . . . fuck it.

Find me a person (or several people) that have verifiable claims of being screwed over financially by the Clinton’s and I will take the crooked Hillary thing seriously. That’s not to end the conversation either. If you knew such a detail, feel free to comment.
I just know that asking the same question of Trump would result in MANY results. And that’s just the ones we know about.

Either way, there were both legitimate and stupid reasons to not be in favor of a Hillary led democratic campaign against a Trump led GOP campaign. One of the more glaring ones seemingly being showcased by Kyle Kulinski, was this potential outcome. President Trump.

Uh. Even after 100 days, those 2 words just DO NOT belong together. Like delicious dogshit.

Either way, while that turned out to INDEED be a factor that should have been taken into consideration, its also a somewhat false argument. Because it is a self fulfilling prophecy set in motion by the left itself.

I get it. Bernie Sanders was, as far as candidates come, superb. He had an excellent history both in terms of activism and voting. He had a platform that energized Americans (particularly otherwise politically apathetic liberals!) to a degree that may well have surpassed even Obama’s 2008 campaign. And his message was universal. Given the chance, he would likley have resonated with a huge cohort of the population that ended up casting the “Fuck it!” vote for Trump.
Since all Trump could really bring to the table was a salesman’s mentality and carefully chosen sticky insults (crafted by psychological experts), it would likley have been a breeze.

Yes. Looking back, if the goal of the DNC is to WIN, one would have to be comatose to not ask “What the FUCK?!”. One theory I have is that Bernie would be horrible for corporate donations, and as such needs to be stymied at all costs (even if it means conceding the election). If this were the case, it would put the DNC pretty much on par with the GOP as “The most dangerous organization in human history” (to quote Noam Chomsky).

But tin foil aside, yes, what happened wasn’t right by ANY means. However, even with the underhanded way that Hillary ended up in the position, what is the more logical thing to do?
Abstain, or worse, help move Trump (a PROVEN lyin and crooked buffoon!) into office by voting him in? Or casting a vote for Hillary, a candidate that is far from ideal, yet competent enough to actually KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THE JOB ENTAILS?!

“We told you so!”

On behalf of the American left that actually participated by voting either Dem or independent, and on behalf of the rest of the world looking on in surreal agony, let me say 2 words . . . fuck you.

While some of the worries expressed by Maher and others like him may be questionable, because of you asshole abstainers, the world is creeping ever closer to . . . WHO THE FUCK KNOWS!

Nuclear War? Hitler 2.0?

I have no idea. I feel for every single person out there that has children living anywhere on this rock. Because be it in the short or the long term (turning the clock back on climate change), the left screwed them over.
Yes, it IS the right that is running rampant back to the 1800’s. And yes, even the corporate democrats are more open to fossil fuels than one would like. But at least they ACKNOWLEDGE climate change.
So instead of competency, we end up with a baboon and puppet that makes Sarah Palin look like a scholar in comparison. Fine, possibly to far. But at least I know where she stands!

S: “Drill baby Drill!”

T: “Pharmaceuticals are far to expensive! . . . oh, so you need less regulation . . . Nothing to see here folks!”

Indeed, American liberals got screwed over by their supposedly representing party. But what culminated following November 8th was not inevitable by any means. It did not have to happen. So while I acknowledge the legitimacy behind the hesitation to support Hillary . . . piss off with the “We told you so!” shit.
Many criticize the American right for being blindly patriotic to a point of danger. Well, I think that something similar exists on the left. Only in that case, these people are so blindly fixated on their flawed system that they negate to consider that they are a SUPERPOWER. Like it or not, American decisions matter.

Despite this scathing criticism, I have to congratulate cohorts of the left for using this time to seek viable change. Though at least 3 grassroots groups have sprung up seeking candidates of change, Justice Democrats seems to be one of the more popular ones. And they are vetting and running candidates even faster than I thought they would. Organized and created in January (if memory serves), they are already pushing for high level DNC positions. And I think these people actually have a chance.

While I knew that Bernie’s run would energize a new generation even if he was unsuccessful, I have to admit that President Trump is likley creating momentum that we may not have seen under Hillary.

The only silver lining to this presidency that I have been able to find so far.

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Nations Banning Kosher / Halal Meat, And Norway Pondering Banning Circumcision

This is a rather interesting one to chew on. Belgium (the latest out of a number of nations in Europe) on the verge of banning the production of Halal / Kosher meat products. Though it would seem a silly (and possibly discriminatory) move on its face, it turns out that there is an animal rights angle to it.

For meat to be considered kosher by Jews or halal by Muslims, the animal must be conscious when killed. In theory, that goes against the law since slaughterhouses are required to electrically stun the animals first, to lessen mental and physical suffering. Most countries have granted exemptions for religious slaughter, but in Europe, that unanimity is crumbling.

You learn something new every day. That Kosher / Halal meat at the supermarket is not exactly like everything else right next to it. In my opinion, its actually worse than the infamous and evil western comfort food Foie Gras.

Whats worse than that is how often I see those Halal items (at least at my local supermarket) marked down, with many still sitting on the shelf with few days left on the expiration date. Not only will the animal have suffered pointlessly, it will also have been for nothing.

In all, I can’t say I disagree all that much with such a law (banning the production of Kosher / Halal meat). It could be argued as pointless, being that these products will be imported from (and thus, produced) elsewhere. But nations have a right to govern as they want in their territories, so if they want to outlaw production methods deemed inhumane, so be it. And besides, if everyone took the “Well the US isn’t taking steps to curb carbon emissions, why should we?” stance on everything . . . we know how that would end.

Were pretty sure already. But that would be just further assurance.

The environment committee of southern Belgium’s Walloon Parliament voted unanimously for the ban, which will take effect in September 2019 if the parliament’s plenary approves the ban later this month.

N0 matter what happens in Belgium, it won’t be for another 2 years anyway.

Norway Government Party Weighs Banning Circumcision, Reaping Fury From Rabbis and Jewish Groups

Also in the category of religiously based abuse (this time to a child, rather than an animal however), we have circumcision. And a rather amusing quote.

“This decision, in the heart of Western Europe and the center of the European Union, sends a terrible message to Jewish communities throughout our continent that Jews are unwanted. … We call on legislators to step back from the brink of the greatest assault on Jewish religious rights in Belgium since the Nazi occupation of the country in World War II.”

Just a little over the top, don’t you think? Apparently not.

My viewpoint on this is obvious. I have no tolerance for the Catholic churches seemingly official policy of turning a blind eye to the diddling of children in its flock, so I certainly have no tolerance for something that is just as bad. Actually no, worse.

And no. There is a big difference between systematic discrimination and genocide, and putting your foot down on practices that are genuine child abuse. To pull the holocaust card in this case is just insulting to the millions lost to that horror.

It bears remembering that, if the Progress Party has its way, circumcision will remain legal in Norway, but only for those 16 and older. At that age, should an uncircumcised believer desire to go under the knife, the bill before parliament allows such an informed decision.

Offering that choice strikes me as a great deal more enlightened than having adults decide that the private parts of their babies or toddlers must be trimmed with a sharp instrument, based on nothing but “tradition.”

And there it is.

Its not about discrimination or antisemitism, as is the case being made (unsurprisingly, being that such is really the ONLY case that can be made). Its about choice, mandating that the people directly impacted by the actions actually have a say in the matter.

And its not just those living with the beliefs of Judaism and Islam that are affected by this either. To my knowledge, my family has no direct connection to either faith. In fact, most of us  tend to be drawn more to Roman Catholicism (the faith of my grandparents). Despite this, I also didn’t have a choice.

In truth, its something that I had never given a thought to for the vast majority of my life. I just didn’t know (how often do you go around showing other friends your pecker? Not a part of life for many, I would imagine. But I won’t judge, either!).
And even in the extremely odd circumstance where the topic would come to mind for some reason or another, I had picked up somewhere that it was for my benefit. A more healthy and hygienic way to be.

Yet that is not really the case either. There are indeed exceptions that will favor circumcision. But that can be said for the removal of virtually ANY body part.

Religion, tradition, ignorance, it really does not matter the motivation. Its to late for me to make the decision for myself (as is the case for millions of people). But its not to late to give the decision back to children everywhere.

Good for the Progress party in Norway for attempting to bring this into the mainstream by way of a change in legislation. Hopefully the cause will be taken up by many others as well.

If you have some time to devote to a podcast (great way to motivate one to do housework!), I recommend this episode of Aron Ra’s podcast The RAman. I learned many things I didn’t have a clue about previously, and I suspect that you will to.

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The Evil Of Man

Though I don’t engage in the world of religious debate nearly as much as I once did (by that standard, not at all really!), I still have strong feelings, though they are now more focused than they used to be. Although I have adopted a more or less live and let live philosophy, I have no tolerance for abusers of power. People that use their religious credentials to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting (or UNWILLING) flock. In fact, flock may not always be the best term. As in the story I am about to share, not all the victims of religious abuses necessarily have a choice in the matter.

A nun in Argentina is being accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of several priests, as was only revealed recently by a now teenage survive of the abuse. At a school for deaf children.

The quoted material following was written by David G. McAfee and published VIA The Friendly Atheist’s platform.

It’s not often that a story involving the Catholic Church and sexual assault shocks me, but this is one of them: a nun in Argentina is accused of helping several priests rape children at a school for the hearing impaired, and covering up their crimes.

I will stop here and say that, at this point, NOTHING (this included!) shocks me anymore, in terms of abuses ignored, condoned and practiced by church officials of all stripes. Maybe its because I know of so many cases of such evil that I have become desensitized to it. Maybe its because I know how power dynamics work in humans.

Either way, nothing surprises me anymore. The sooner we all accept that the only difference between a church member of ANY level and us is label, the better off the victims of the crimes of these opportunistic scumbags will be.

Investigators began looking into Kosaka Kumiko, who was reportedly charged Friday with physically abusing the kids and helping the priests sexually abuse them, after a 17-year-old girl said the nun covered up her sexual assault by forcing her to wear a diaper in class at age five to conceal bleeding. The five priests accused of assault were arrested last year.

For her part, Kumiko has denied the allegations.

I knew nothing of the abuses, I watched over the children… I’m innocent… I did not know about the abuses. I am a good person that has given my life to God.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial, and all such allegations like this need to be carefully considered.

But having said that . . . what a piece of work.

The police don’t go around arresting church officials for no reason. There has to be good reason to pull the trigger on that warrant (particularly in a place like Argentina, I would think). As for playing the god card . . . BIG SURPRISE!

Sorry lady . . . having seen the “I swear to god!” shtick used so many times by liars on shows like Dr Phil (I USED to watch it), it no longer works on me. If anything, it has the opposite affect.

Although this is a confusing case, one thing is clear: these children were hurt by their caretakers — those who allegedly gave themselves to a moral deity — and that is unacceptable, whether or not a nun was involved.

Religious organizations, and the Catholic Church specifically, have failed at preventing incidents like this from occurring and holding their representatives accountable when they do. This isn’t an isolated event.

Its why I call the Catholic church one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) organized crime organizations in the world.

Priests and nuns aren’t above the law, nor should they be above religious reproach. We need to ensure children are protected from people who will use the shield of religion to hide their despicable behavior and help them expose abuses to sunlight. If the Church won’t help, then the Church should be punished accordingly.



Does this type of thing happen because terrible people are drawn to positions of power within the Church, or is it a result of the faith itself and its dogmatic celibacy requirement for clergymen? I suppose we don’t know for sure, but I think we can all agree it needs to end.

Its an interesting thing to ponder. And I don’t think its as much a matter of either/or, as it is a mixture of many factors.

There is no doubt that the power of the priesthood is a draw for many. Its a position of almost infallible authority, ripe for exploitation by certain personality types. And I have no doubt that the celibacy requirement also feeds into this.  Particularly in the case of the churches everlasting nemesis, homosexual pedophilia. What other context in the world would one with such behavioral traits be so at home? None.
And what other organization in the world has done so much to remain a brick wall to the pursuit of justice of such crimes (pedophilia of any kind)? None.

Indeed, it needs to end. But that will only happen if religious organizations lose their infallible status. If officials refuse to make changes from within, than outside intervention should not be off the table.

If there is continued refusal of a given religious organization to comply with a given jurisdictions requests, how about revoking  its tax free status?
They are not respecting the land on which they are directly affecting in their operations, so why should they get our respect?


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Stephen Hawking is at it again.

He said something like this last year, and I thought about writing a piece criticizing it then. But I decided not to. Mainly because I thought I was missing something. Being that he is Stephen Hawking . . . and I am me.

However, being that this has come up yet again, I feel a need to comment. To comment on this new trend of the wise and the wealthy claiming that the best future for us as a species,  is off of this planet. To me, it seems not just an unlikely proposition (given the time frame), but also delusional.


Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that humanity needs to become a multi-planetary species within the next century in order to avoid extinction.

I do not really doubt the assessment. These days, I increasingly wonder if 100 years is being generous. Things are getting interesting enough as to make me wonder if millennial’s investing in pensions is just a waste of money. I actually had to consider this  myself very recently (when given a pension application from my workplace). 

As for humans needing to become interplanetary . . . lets evaluate that assertion. Though inter (intra?) planetary travel may well be in our future, I don’t think it (let alone the possibility of life on another planet!) will occur within the next 100 years. Nor should it be the focus either.  

Its easy for the Hawkings, Musks and Branson’s of the world to look to the skies (and Mars) for a new home away from home. Aside from money and status allowing for the exploration of this dream, that money and status also guarantees them a place in this new world. Though presumably they would CLAIM to be doing this research for altruistic reasons (has anyone pressed any of these people on this?), with the structure of our societies and the typically self serving nature of the species, I really doubt there will be much room for most of the plebs in this newfound Oasis.
If I see this Mars experiment as anything, its an experiment and project of (and for!) the rich. For one thing, I am unclear as to how one can be self sustaining on a planet without even an atmosphere to offer protection. Even if it is just a stepping stone to who knows what . . . its not a very good one.  And we can be sure that even if the scientist’s pull this off, making the transition will not be easy. And likley not cheap either. 

One could interpret this whole “humanity must find a new planet to avoid extinction” in a dark way. Saving even a small group of the most wise or well to do people on earth would in fact count as avoiding extinction. They would more than likely rebuild in the new world. Without an effort to at least REIN IN the coming problems and calamities of past scientific breakthroughs before focusing on this new venture, its hard to imagine a different ending. 

One should also consider human nature when contemplating this big move. Looking around at what we humans typically call accomplishments, 3 traits come to mind. 

1.) Arrogance

2.) Self Serving

3.) Short Sighted

Take this little blue ball of life that spawned and nurtured us into existence. From the very beginning, rather than  regarding it as something to be cherished and protected, it was typically viewed as a challenge. Something to be dominated, a beast to be tamed. Though this phenomenon is now more visible than even before (thanks to modern equipment and construction techniques), it has always been the case. Though the path of destruction left in our wake previous to the industrial revolution and petroleum was relatively small, it is now effectively all encompassing.  Even places that we do not live (and have never lived!) are now chronically changed due to our reckless disregard. Even many previously unexplored areas of our planet (like many areas of the deep Ocean) have our fingerprints all over the place!
Be it the shrinking Arctic and Antarctic ice masses, or the ever growing plastic soup that is increasingly plaguing every single ocean (and even some fresh water bodies like the Great Lakes), our ability to trash is almost incomprehensible. Even outer space isn’t beyond our reach, with all manor of space junk becoming problematic for current equipment. Even the moon (and probably Mars) has some of our junk left behind (along with the various explorers fired off into the depths, never to return).

Fine, the last 2 may not exactly be fair. The knowledge factor holds a lot of weight for most. If it costs millions / billions to make these projects happen, then a little clutter certainly won’t matter a whole lot to most.

For me however, it is all part of the big picture.

To condense this all nicely, the quote is right. Humans are a virus. A cancer to virtually anything we touch. I doubt this will change even if our surroundings do. Be it the miserable hellhole that is Mars or some other distant planet, humans may move, but our internal workings won’t change.

We even completely saturate invisible radio spectrum! Other planets don’t stand a chance.

Given this, I really do find a need to ask a question that will be seen as unthinkable by many. That question being, is it all worth it? We have hundreds of years of history to look back upon for context. Generally, we don’t learn.

This is not to say that I am a red buttoner (a name for people that would eliminate the human race if given the chance at the red button). In fact, to be perfectly frank, I think that many of these so called red buttoners should take some SELF initiative towards that end goal, if they really think that is the best solution.

We should do what we can to reverse the mess that we have caused to the earth (even if results may not be ideal). But as for evicting when times get tough, I think it would be unethical. Not just due to those left behind (human and creature), but also for the other pristine worlds that will no doubt be forever altered by our presence.

Even if I step aside from the entire previous argument and just look at this from a naturalistic standpoint, I still come to a similar conclusion. The earth is a self resetting system. Life forms come and go. If we are destined to be just another evolutionary cul-de-sac (to reference George Carlin), that wouldn’t bother me. Entropy is a part of life.

I suspect that we will ultimately end up going this route anyway. Though our decisions now may well decide how rough that road will be.

As difficult as it may be for many to comprehend, there is nothing wrong with just letting nature take its course.


Existential risks include climate change, overpopulation, epidemics and asteroid strikes, according to Hawking.

Efforts to create a human colony on Mars are already underway, with billionaire Elon Musk hoping to establish a settlement within the next few decades through his aerospace firm SpaceX. “I don’t have a doomsday prophecy,” Musk said in 2016, “but history suggests some doomsday event will happen.”

I don’t doubt it. But I DO doubt that we will escape that fate on a planet that I can not see us as having any hope of making a self sufficient run. Post apocalyptic earth or post apocalyptic mars.

Would it really matter?

Hawking predicted last year that the chance of a species-ending event on Earth was a “near certainty” when all possibilities were taken into consideration.

“Although the chance of disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next 1,000 or 10,000 years,” Hawking told the Oxford University Union in November.

“By that time, we should have spread out into space and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race.”

I think I have addressed this in the previous paragraphs.

Despite the dire warning, Hawking did have some positive news for the assembled students. He pointed to how our fundamental understanding of the universe has advanced in his lifetime and said it is a “glorious time to be alive and doing research into theoretical physics.”

He added: “Our picture of the universe has changed a great deal in the last 50 years and I am happy if I have made a small contribution. The fact that we humans, who are ourselves mere fundamental particles of nature, have been able to come this close to understanding the laws that govern us and the universe is certainly a triumph.”

THAT is his positive news? That humans are better off and triumphant because of misdirected efforts at understanding our universe?
as opposed to finding ways to reverse our slow suicide)

Again, that may be a bit harsh. But considering the supposedly wise mind that we are dealing with, the material comes across as far from it.

Mars can be a VERY long term goal. Something to occupy our time once more pressing circumstances have been dealt with to the best of our ability.
But Mars as a replacement for a planet that our carelessness is slowly sucking dry?


Frankly, that is delusional thinking that may well ENSURE the endgame that these people desperately want to avoid.

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“America’s Other Drug Problem” – (Truthdig / ProPublica)

Every year nursing homes nationwide flush, burn or throw out tons of valuable prescription medications. – 2017/05/02

Source: America’s Other Drug Problem

You likley know about America’s (and really, the West’s in general) enormous food waste problem. However, you likley didn’t know that there is also an enormous problem of wasted (often unexpired, otherwise perfectly usable) drugs. Drugs which often end up either getting burned, flushed, or sent to landfills. Often for some of the very same reasons that drive the massive amount of Food waste in North America.
There is a need. And there is even some WANT on the part of the biggest contributors to the problem (mainly Nursing Homes, but also Hospitals, Doctors Offices and other medical facilities). But it is often easier and cheaper to just dispose  of the meds rather than re-purpose them. A process that would actually COST a fair amount of money for any facility (let alone an organization with a network of many).

Worth a read.

I am unsure of how other places in the West (Canada, UK, etc) are doing on this front, being that single payer often eliminates any charitable aftermarket for these left over drugs domestically. But it would be also interesting to know. Not just because of the environmental threat, but also because these drugs could be useful to organizations like Doctors Without Boarders.


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Things That Annoy Me – Part 14

66.) The Red Pill

Enough with this shit already!

I don’t care what context with which you are coming from. You almost certainly have NO IDEA what it is like to “swallow the red pill”. Its far more world changing and all encompassing than 1 (and often esoteric!) ideological stance.

67.) . . . You Might Be A Redneck

Replace daughter and him with son and her. Is it still a hilarious truth of parenting?

If not, stop posting this shit and quit fostering this outdated and sexist cultural meme.

68.) “I’m A Cuck, You’re A Cuck . . . 

There is an obvious problem with this, as presented.

If “Cuck!” is your first response, than I want to thank you. I now know that you are far to simple minded to bother wasting anymore time with.

69.) Lauren Southern

In a slightly related rant (the word cuck is involved), I come to Lauren Southern. In particular, her description of Canadian politics as explained a recent interview with Dave Rubin (the relevant stuff starts at 12:39, but I recommend listening from the beginning).

In it, she labels all Canadians as Cucks. Who cares (I have been called worse things than some trendy insult of the times we live). She also proceeds to say that all Canadians are essentially spoiled brats, and have recently elected a VERY spoiled one to run our nation. Again, who cares. Its an opinion.

I have my fair share of opinions about Canadian culture. Words like “sheep” come to the forefront of the mind. And I would even dare to say that Canadians may well be even MORE patriotic than Americans, just in different ways. Rather than guns, flag and bibles, its more hockey, Tims and The Hip.
One word that did not occur to me in regards to Canada however, was spoiled. But I am comparing 2 anecdotes. I have never experienced the world of Lauren Southern, and she more than likley has never experienced my world. While anecdotes can help in building a bigger picture, they are NOT the bigger picture.

With this in mind, think of the clip you just seen.

While I have an opinion on many things, I usually tag it as the anecdotal or opinionated viewpoint that it is. I try not to talk for anyone, or showcase myself as fluent on anything that may well be . . . beyond me. Including the culture of my nation that I try to isolate myself from.
Southern does no such thing. Its”Oh, Canadians are such cucks and spoiled brats!”, then on to something else.

The first thing that comes to mind is, when it comes to nations electing spoiled brats for leaders . . . Canada didn’t even crack the top 10. I can only think of 1 nation actually. And even without actually saying it, I bet everyone reading this knows EXACTLY which one I am talking about.

With that out of the way, yes, what Lauren said was her opinion, and should be treated as such. Viewers of the clip in Canada (or those that have connections to Canadian culture) will likley know the bigger picture. However, millions do not have such connections. One would hope they will take it for the anecdote that it is, but in all honesty . . . I doubt a great many do. Having read many a comment section, having seen people like Lauren and Milo regarded as intellectuals in some cases, I have no such faith in the people.

While the example used here is Lauren Southern, my gripe is not entirely with her. She said something I deem is stupid. Her types would likley see my values as stupid. Who gives a fuck.

What annoys me more, is anyone that watches this stuff without actually questioning it. While the format may not exactly be friendly to that sort of thing (a criticism I have begun to have with this sort of format), it shouldn’t be an excuse.

70.) Apple Madness

Long ago,  I wrote a fluff piece about iOS, after having used it for a short time. Im not sure if I ever followed up with that, but I ended up falling out of love with the OS after an update turned my year old formly very usable phone (a 4S) into an unstable pain in the ass. I know its not the hardware because:

A.) it worked perfectly fine before

B.) after the OS update, the device was left with barely any memory for anything else (its no wonder the thing became barley usable!)

Knowing how people are with aging  devices (and taking into consideration that this model is now 2 behind the lasest one), it made sense. Anyone that has been using an older device for years that begins to act up will likley assume it to be on the way out, and upgrade (typicly to a new Apple device). Obsolescence by design.

Though one can not really prove that allegation, the company has done other things to foster its reputation of forming a monopoly on its devices. First came the proprietary chargers. Then the bricked iphone 6’s (if not repaired by authorized apple personnel). Now this , a move that could eliminate the possibility of 3ed party repairs, PERIOD. Even for a screen replacement!


I would later learn (though a wikileaks revelation, if memory serves) that many Apple device shipments had been intercepted (and presumably in some way compromised) by the CIA (I would assume at a firmware level). A friend of mine (of whom works in the tech industry) claims this to be at very least, a major reason for the change (despite the massive loss in jobs that it will create).

It could be. But really . . . I don’t trust Apple. I don’t trust any of them really. I don’t doubt that there is a security component to this. But I suspect that if the public were less aware of these shadowy activities, all of these companies (Apple included) would not give these privacy issues even HALF the attention that they give now.

Corporations are not altruistic, only self serving. Though the 2 are not always incompatible.

71.) Insanity @ 2.4Ghz

Oh Yes. I am talking about 2.4ghz wifi. Again.

I have talked about it before, albeit from a largely layman perspective.

I understood (well, understand) the very basic of wifi interaction and interference. The more networks on a given channel, the lower the performance will be for each one given the self policed nature of the technology. Even if many devices are attempting to use the spectrum, no one device will talk over one another. For context, imagine a meeting or large conversation with many participants. Everyone gets a turn (though the wait times will increase depending on how many devices sharing the space, and how much traffic they are generating).

The techies call that co  channel interference. Though using an empty channel is always the ideal option, co channel interference is always preferable to its counterpart, adjacent channel interference.

Unfortunately for me, co channel interference is not what I am dealing with. At this point, its barley even an option anymore on 2.4ghz.

First off, some technical stuff. Even though your router is parked on a given channel (can be 1 though 11 in North America), it always overlaps up to 3 channels around it. This type of interference is known as adjacent channel interference.
A good way to contextualize this (adjacent channel interference) would be trying to converse at a concert or in a loud bar. Due to the large amount of background noise, your group has to raise its voice in order to be heard over the din. Which just ads to it further.
Due to this, the recommended 2.4Ghz channels to choose are 1,6 and 11, since they are the only 3 in the spectrum that do not step on one another.

The next thing I need to explain is something called channel bonding.
Each wifi channel (be it on the 2.4 or 5 Ghz side) is 20 mhz wide. However, recent advances in wireless technology driven by need (some internet connections are faster than the technology would permit) now allow the bonding of 2 or more channels to make one big channel.
You can bond 2 channels to make a 40mhz channel in the 2.4ghz spectrum. On the 5ghz, you have even more options, with 40, 80, possibly even 100 mhz wide channels (though this is mostly just applicable to enterprise).
Think of it as a pipe. The bigger the pipe, the more data you can move at the same time.

Now, back to my neighborhood. A story that began with a printer.

I have known that 2.4ghz was a gong show for awhile now, which was why I transitioned my network entirely to 5ghz. Though there are a few networks around, the vast amount of spectrum available ensures much open space to utilize even a 40mhz channel easily. Despite all this available space, checking in a far corner of my apartment exposes no less than 4 80mhz wide channels all sharing the spectrum around 155. All from  telco AP’s (go figure!).

Either way, though my smartphone and laptop happily operate on 5Ghz, my older printer does not. Go figure (its always something . . . ). This I had solved by adding my old 2.4Ghz router as an access point, connecting the printer that way (as I had done with an old tablet). Which worked initially, but not over time. My guess being that the interference around here kept breaking the connection.

Mildly annoying, but still workable. Being that my phone could easily work around this by connecting and printing directly (wifi direct), it wasn’t to much extra hassle (paste into dropbox). However, I noticed that even THIS was getting problematic quite recently.

So I checked Wifi Analyzer once more. Both my printer and my 2.4Ghz AP were on channel 11. Good (the printer picks its own channel, but I choose the AP one based on everything between 1 and 6 being a mess). There are some other networks using 11, a few weak ones between 6 and 11. Annoying, but previously not a problem. However, I noticed at least 2 new 40mhz networks, both based around channel 9. Which would explain a lot.

Part of my problem is rooted in my location. I live on the 2ed floor of an apartment house in a fairly densely populated central area. Many apartment houses on all sides with 2 to 3 apartments means (at minimum!) twice the number of neighboring AP’s as one may see in an area of single family homes. And that is just routers, not printers (like mine), mobile hot spots, streaming boxes, gaming devices and who knows how many other consumer devices that create a LAN for whatever purpose. Not to mention that 2.4ghz is the operating spectrum for Bluetooth, baby monitures, older cordless phones, and tends to be stepped on by operation of microwave ovens.

While I have not checked the interference levels in my area outside of wifi sources (have not paid into obtaining the required programs yet), what I see on even the basic analyzers is telling enough. Though channel 11 does come with some cross traffic, its apparent that the single and bonded channels adjacent to it are the bigger problem. My 2.4Ghz situation is equivalent to holding a meeting involving 5 or 6 people in a conference room  right beside another that has rock concert occurring. No wonder it took my phone almost 15 minutes to print 10 pages on a laser printer.


Sure, a first world problem. If I wanted, I could print VIA USB. Yeah I know.

However, look at the bigger picture. ISP’s are flooding markets EVERYWHERE with equipment that sets itself up (channel-wise), it seems ANYWHERE. The area could have people that are careful to limit the adjacent channel interference, but it only takes one, two, tree (typically more!) To ruin it. And then NO ONE can get full performance!

And since few know much about wifi technology aside from the very basics, they will more often than not be completely oblivious to the most likley suspect keeping them off of (or slowing their access to)  YouTube or facebook. They will call up their ISP, which will likley do some trouble shooting. After which they will identify interference due to congestion of the airwaves, and likley offer to rent you a dual band router for a small fee each month.

They are basically the SOLE CAUSE of a problem that they then sell you the solution to.

And guess what? Despite the larger open space available on 5Ghz, THESE THINGS STILL OFTEN STEP ON ONE ANOTHER!
Give it a few years. With newer routers setting up 80Mhz networks BY DEFAULT, and routers otherwise not being careful of their cross channel footprint, its only a matter of time before that spectrum is overrun.
There is talk about more spectrum being opened to wireless and communications use. But even THIS will be prone to the same problems.

I can see this as a fairly easy problem to solve. Rather than hundreds of units all operating individually, I can envision them being in communication. Rather than having a default OR a person choose, each unit could talk to machines around it and decide how to activate based on that organization.  I can envision this as a way to both utilize the entirety of even the 2.4Ghz spectrum (ALL channels!), and possibly even fit in wide networks without much fuss to those nearby. Though I think those are still more at home on 5ghz, a spectrum of which we can also stretch greatly with organized utility.

Don’t kid yourself, this is not happening anytime soon. It MIGHT be possible to introduce such technology into current installations VIA a firmware update (firmware are basically the programs that run your devices at the hardware level). But I don’t see that kind of logic coming to the industry anytime soon.

72.) Snowflake Culture

If you hang around in online circles for the past few years, you have likley heard the term. First it was used to describe the lefties that can’t take a joke or a Milo speech. Then it was used to describe the right wing people that behave in a similar manor.

Frankly, you are all idiots. Enough with these stupid terms that get so overused with trendiness that they no longer mean anything.

Yes, some millennials are more prone adopting a PC culture that Marilyn Manson once battled coming from their parents than is healthy. And many on the right have not yet given up that dream.

All of that aside . . . enough with the snowflake crap. Same with Cuck. And all past, present, and future adjectives of idiocy.

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“The Dark Side Of Grace” – (Patheos)

I came across a piece written by Neil Carter in his Patheos blog Godless in Dixie which was quite thought provoking. Titled The Dark Side Of Grace , it explored first the typical abusive personality, then how the whole of the religious experience compares to that dynamic. Well, at least the Christian experience.

Having been to very religious funerals, the overt nature of Jesus and religion in the whole affair (the celebration of a friend or loved ones LIFE!) has always annoyed me, but I didn’t ever really think of it as abuse. But given this take, it could indeed qualify.

On the other hand, this is not news really. The origins of these beliefs are obvious. Its not Yahweh or Jesus that was/is the abuser, its the people that penned the documents (and the people that edited/mistranslated them throughout the ages).

Either way, check the piece out. Its certainly an interesting take on seemingly benign behavior.

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