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Did Google HR Reprimand a Women Who Was Sexually Assaulted?

I was on twitter a few minutes ago, and I seen this (along with a few others) promoted by anonymous. I have not yet heard about this, but it looks like it MAY be one of those stories that will … Continue reading

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Apistevist – A Clarification

Back in October, I wrote a piece entitled Apistevist – A Term With PotentialĀ in which I talked about a new secular adjective that I had (then) recently discovered, and also its limitations as perceived in my eyes. Just as the … Continue reading

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When Did News Become Pop Culture?

I am a man of many gripes, as almost anyone in my inner circle would be able to tell you. Its a funny little habit that I blame on my father. Though my habit is significantly less pronounced then my … Continue reading

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Churches – How Many Does A Town/City REALLY Need?

This is a topic that does not get a whole lot of thought, but it occurred to me the other day, so I will explore it. In most towns in the western world, you will have at least 1 church. … Continue reading

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Google Translate Fail

On the left, you see what I was going to use as a Facebook status update, except I was going to put it in Latin (just to make things interesting). Having had Google translate get another translation COMPLETELY wrong in … Continue reading

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Online Advertisements / Privacy

This is a rant, as you may have guessed lol. But its not about either ads or the issues of online privacy, but more, the way many people think and react towards the 2. Online Advertising Ill start with ads. … Continue reading

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