Mandate Mandatory Vaccination – Fuck Your “Freedom”

A recent episode of the drunken peasants covered a video put out by someone who calls herself “The Patriot Nurse”, which was covering her opinion towards vaccination.

I looked this women up, she is apparently quite popular in some circles as she has a website of her own and her youtube channel is verified. She is also a doomsday preper, with many videos on how to stock up (on a budget!) for WTSHTF (when the shit hits the fan). Big surprise.

Though I could not find the original (utilized on DP), this is a response to the one above.

Her first argument against vaccination is the mercury and/or aluminum within them. Of Course. Mercury I covered HERE already.
I did not cover aluminum in vaccines but the FDA , NIH ,  and (I assume a branch of Health Canada) don’t raise many alarms about its presence.

You don’t believe such government sources and think they are in on some sort of conspiracy to deceive us all? Well then fuck off and go read something else. I deal in facts, which entails utilizing legitimate sources.

Moving on, she goes into her concerns about the vaccine schedule and the sheer number of vaccinations that one is supposed to give a baby. I have also heard Bill Maher raise this objection before (“Are these vaccines stressing the immune systems of children?”).

First I will give you the CDC’s take on the issue:

Vaccination begins at birth with hepatitis B vaccine because giving that vaccine early is the best way to start immediate protection against a hepatitis B infection. Infants who are infected at birth can develop serious liver disease – which can lead to death – when they are adults. A woman who has hepatitis B can pass the virus to her newborn during childbirth. Unfortunately, many people with the hepatitis B virus do not know they have it because they do not have symptoms, but they can still spread the virus. Starting vaccination at birth provides protection from a hepatitis infection that can happen later in childhood or adulthood.

Although children continue to get several vaccines up to their second birthday, these vaccines do not overload the immune system. Every day, your healthy baby’s immune system successfully fights off millions of antigens-the parts of germs that cause the body’s immune system to respond. The antigens in vaccines come from weakened or killed germs so they cannot cause serious illness. Vaccines contain only a tiny amount of the antigens that your baby encounters every day, even if your child receives several vaccines in one day.

Heres a bit more from an organization in the UK, the NHS .

4. It’s a MYTH that vaccinations can overload a baby’s immune system. In fact, only a tiny fraction of your baby’s immune system is used by childhood vaccines, and they come into far more bugs in their daily life. This video explains why vaccines don’t weaken your child’s immune system.

They also have this (since were on the topic of pseudoscience again):

4. It’s a MYTH that homeopathy can be used as an alternative to vaccinations to protect children against potentially serious infections. In fact, there’s no evidence that homeopathy can protect children against disease and illnesses.

Thats right folks.

Taking a pill that has the diluted presence or “memory” of a given antigen, is about as usful as praying and hoping that your child never gets sick with measles, whooping cough or any other vaccine prevented disease.

Another interesting mention (though not from an official government source) is this article published on  on how a mothers anxiety during pregnancy may surpress a babies immune system (which could cause problems with how their bodies react to vaccination).

The next point (well, claim) that “The Patriot Nurse” makes is that a mothers milk is all the protection that a baby needs. The idea being that anything that the child is exposed to, the mother will also be exposed to. The antibodies that the mother generates will then be passed onto the child.

As it turns out, this is partly true. As illustrated by this vaccine information site out of the European Union:

 During pregnancy, antibodies are transferred from mother to child. Further immune factors are received through breast milk, particularly in the early months of life. This maternal protection is a crucial support for the infant immune system during its development – but it does not cover everything.

Mothers can pass on antibodies against diseases she herself has had in the past or those against which she has been vaccinated. Because antibodies are quickly degraded, the child is left without protection from 6-12 months after birth and also shortly after their mother discontinuesbreastfeeding.

Also, antibodies against certain infectious – like whooping cough, for example – are not transferrable so the baby cannot depend on maternal antibodies for protection in all cases. Premature babies are particularly vulnerable as their immune systems are not well developed and they are less likely to have benefited from passive protection. Vaccines can be particularly beneficial for premature births.

Passive immunity (from maternal antibodies) and vaccinations can complement one another. Children who are breastfed suffer less frequently from severe meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) bacteria, and also produce more protective antibodies against these bacteria after receiving a Hib vaccine.

There’s no need to choose between natural immunity and vaccine-induced protection. Both is best.

But as advised, both is best.

She then goes on into a speech about how as a nurse “You take an oath that you will do no harm”, and how this applies to her because of “the risk of the vaccines” (and of course how she will not get your children vaccinated on account to said risks).
She then goes on about how vaccination should be a “choice” (as if it is not already in most places), and how she advocates for an “imformed public” when it comes to Vaccination (HAHAHAHA!!! Informed!! FUCK ME, I nearly fell off my high horse!).

And then she goes into how she wants parents to make decisions “That are helpful to their lives and their families”. What a joke.

I am not surprised that The Patriot MORON displays about as much medical credibility as Dr Oz at this point. I didn’t expect much different from someone who uses “patriot” in their name.

These people that think this way . . . first of all, just fuck off and go FAR FAR from civilization. Take your backwards ideals and go where your ignorant stupidity will not harm anyone else but yourselves. And as for your children, I really hope for the best for them. Should one of them get sick with some nasty illness that is vaccine preventable and survive, I hope they hate your ignorant ass for the rest of their life.

I have the freedom to do many things in the “free” world. But I do not have the “freedom” to do such things as, drive my car into crowded buildings or cause major accidents on busy roadways. We are free to do many things, but we are not free to harm other people.

I will liken this to deciding to drive drunk down an interstate with your family in car. Many will see it as their choice to drive, and no one else should have a say. Well, that is horse shit, because the moment you access a publicly utilized roadway, you become a common threat. And the moment your children (or anyone else!) steps into that vehicle with you, you become a common threat.

If you choose to do something stupid on your own property which puts no one else but yourself in danger, then that is your prerogative. But in the public domain, your a threat beyond yourself.

As far as I am concerned, these anti-vaxxer assholes are doing the same thing as drunk drivers, only the ramifications of their actions could end up measuring on a much larger scale. One infected person introducing an illness into an un-vaccinated oasis of a city or town could infect hundreds, or thousands.

Not to mention, the children. Often times they will be the ones that will pay for their parents stupidity (one hopes not with their life).

So why is it not child abuse to not vaccinate children?

Why is this not on par with “praying” the cancer away, or utilizing homeopathic (or other “alternative” medicine) methods?

When it comes to vaccination, I don’t care what your ignorant ass thinks or “has concluded” on the subject. You do not have the “freedom” to put masses of people in harms way in any other context, so why do you think you do when it comes to highly infectious diseases?

Fuck your freedom.Mandate vaccination of all children.

Were in the 21st century.  Why the fuck are we giving credence to people who apparently would love nothing more then to be back in the dark ages?