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Marijuana – An Exploration (Part 3 – Addiction)

Part 3 – Addiction Next, on the docket, we have addiction. Or rather the very important question that is, can marijuana be addictive? Anything other than an automatic “YES!” would likely set off many a guidance counsellor, police officer, social … Continue reading

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A Win For Gay Rights

My last few posts have  been centered around topics of hate and negativity. So its nice to wake up to a positive note coming out of the US. Today (coincidently, my 27th birthday), the Supreme Court of the United States … Continue reading

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420 – A Marijuana Post

Its that time of year once more. Its Hitler’s birthday! Just kidding. Its a day where stoners everywhere celebrate their herb and the culture surrounding it, by smoking it to excess. Sometimes (often times?) even in public (if they happen … Continue reading

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Society’s Best – Or Worst?

Growing up in the world today, we are faced with an interesting array of cultural messages. Though our locations and cultures do differ,  I can see some similarities that transcend them all. At some point in life, most of us … Continue reading

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One thing I have not really mentioned on the “about me” page, nor in my intro entry, is that im a pro marijuana/soft drugs guy. I even have a facebook group dedicated to the cause (but like my others, it … Continue reading

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