The Worlds Greatest Mystery

It seems everyone has encountered, at some point in time, the worlds greatest mystery. No matter where you reside in the world, no matter what your background or ethnicity, no matter what your gender, you have gone though this dilemma of the ages.  Its a mystery that plagues households and people everywhere.

It is the mystery of the missing sock.


Each load of laundry always yields one or 2 oddballs. And the vexing thing, is they are not always the same as the last ones. One wonders, where do they go?

A night on the town?


On vacation?


An intergalactic journey?


Who knows if we ever will solve the mystery of the missing sock. One thing is certain however. . . . . . . . . . as long as there is laundry and socks, there will be missing ones to drive us crazy.


Note: Interestingly enough, appliance repairmen have a very common real-world answer to this perplexing mystery, spanning many decades. Their answer to this age-old question?

The pump in your washing machine!