Duck Dynasty, Paul Walker And A Whole Lot Of Other News

I have not written for quite some time, and a lot has happened. From Paul Walker, to Nelson Mandela, to the Duck Dynasty fiasco, the world has been busy.

First, there was Paul Walker. A man who died quite an ironic and unfortunate death, and one of the actors I enjoyed in the FF franchise.
The first thing about this that bothered me, was the never ending news coverage. Then the makers of the FF franchise not waiting until Walker was even in the grave to start searching for his replacement. Then, more and more useless and ever more parasitic coverage. The worst “hijacking” of his death that I seen, was by TMZ (mainly with the sharing of the car burning video) and a quite popular facebook Christian group using “pray for him!” Memes to garner likes and views (despite the fact that in life, he was a Christian. Apparently his devotion was not good enough). And finually there was the CNN “Breaking News” article on facebook, which reported that “the autopsy has identified the cause of his death”. You could not have gotten a more pointless article then that.

Though I do not like to say it this way (because it sounds terrible lol), but the only good thing about Nelsen Mandelas death, was that it finally knocked Paul Walker off of my radar. A good man who lead a good life, may he rest in peace, and may his family have good luck and support.

Then there was the next big non-issue. The A&E Duck Dynasty anti-gay fiasco. The interview with the magazine that has garnered so much unnessesary attention.

Personally, there is a lot to this that is, kind of funny. The first, is that Phil Roberson’s remarks are somehow surprising. After all, the man is from about as deep south as you can GET. The home of the traditional everything movement, it should not be a surprise that someone from there happens to hold more “traditional” views. And at the same time, I do not blame A&E in their reaction to this matter. All the power to them for sticking up for their GLBTQ employees, as well as all others mentioned by Robertson (African Americans?).
The main thing I keep hearing from the conservative side, is about Phil’s right to free speech. And the main thing I keep hearing on the liberal side, seems to be that such things should no longer be said in 2013.

To the conservative sides credit, yes, he does have the right to free speech, and he was free to share his opinions as he saw fit. Every one gets that right, something that many on both sides of the asile forget (if you don’t allow the “bigots” to share their view, then they get the right to not allow you to in turn. Imagine if real life was life a heavily moderated facebook group). But at the same time, the action of A&E in suspending Phil from the show, had nothing to do with freedom of speech.

Since he was technicly employed by A&E, then they can fire him is they see fit. He has freedom of speech to say what he wants. But at the same time, since he basicly slandered all the GLBTQ employees of A&E, then they can terminate him.

Personally I could care less either way. I never watched Duck Dynasty before, and this certainly will not make me want to watch it any more. I could care less if the Roberson family chosses not to continue filming without him. One less garbage show to pollute the airwaves.

A&E carrying garbage programing is one thing (“Arts & Entertainment” leaves some wiggle room), but the big problem I have is networks like Discovery, History and The Learning Channel carrying useless garbage reality tv. Storage/Shipping/Baggage wars, license to drill, action hunters, all of that. It may have its place on the airwaves, for people to watch out of interest. But not on networks that should be reserved for educational content.

Since its Christmas Eve and the big day is tommorow, I wish everyone in the land of wordpress and the open internet a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday of whatever your chosen belief. The season may be overly commercialized, but the season is what you make of it. I spend mine with family and friends. Find what works for you :).