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Apistevist – A Clarification

Back in October, I wrote a piece entitled Apistevist – A Term With PotentialĀ in which I talked about a new secular adjective that I had (then) recently discovered, and also its limitations as perceived in my eyes. Just as the … Continue reading

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TMI – Todays Society Is Awash In Information, But Are We Better Off?

Living in modern society today, we often do not think about the astounding amount of information we consume on a daily basis. With desktops/laptops, smart phones, tablets and the like, we are interconnected to a steady stream of texts, tweets, … Continue reading

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The Facebook “Like” Button – Is It Innapropriate To “Like” Bad News?

Anyone who has been on facebook, has likely used the facebook “Like” button at some point or another. Whether to show that you agree with the information presented, are amused by it, or just to make your presence shown, this … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed an interesting thing here in the world of WP. The phenomenon of re-blogging. I’ve been reblogged a couple of times, and referenced in posts. I don’t mind when people do this, its nice someone finds my opinion interesting … Continue reading

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When Im Gone

Today’s world is an interesting one. In the past, death was for the most part, an end. People mourned you, and eventually moved on. Those in distant contact eventually forget about you (let’s be honest). And those close to you, … Continue reading

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