Small Business Discrimination

It seems like 2014 (and now into 2015) are becoming the years of small business discrimination. Well, years when this practice is coming to light in a big way. In terms of passing of many quote “religious freedom” laws in many states, the reversal of previously instated anti-LGBT discrimination laws by some states, and some small businesses independently deciding to “take a stand” for their firmly held Christian principals (by niot serving the LGBT community).

If memory serves, it was kick started months ago in Arizona by a proposed law which would give business owners the option to say “No Homo!” without having to face any legal retribution. That proved to be unpopular, so the governor vetoed it (THAT is saying something).
I remember being amused by the whole thing. Not so much about the discriminatory aspect driven by a first world Christian persecution complex. But more because, these business’s were making a huge issue with making a profit from gay people, while living in a desert state with an ever dwindling water supply.
Yes, California has the limelight in terms of water issues right now. But Lake Mead and Lake Powell  can not last forever with an ever dwindling seasonal snow pack input into the Colorado River.
I know that climate change is a term that is hard for many residents of the said areas to swallow. But its all irrelevant, since ALL are fucked when the water goes away. Las Vegas is already going deeper out of necessity.

But moving on, it seems that for Christians “Taking a stand” against non-bigotry has become somewhat fashionable of late. Some states are relaxing on account to the publics wrath, but others are going right on ahead.
And then there are the businesses. It seems as though it has never been a better time to be a principled Christian business owner. Even those who are located in an LGBT friendly area (and who can face fines and/or lawsuits for their “Christlike” behavior) have nothing to lose. All thanks to crowd funding.
One business made up for its lost business by way of  $750,000 worth of donations to a crowd funding campaign. I really feel for the charities in the US who now have to compete with these fucking charlatans (or more, the people that create these campaigns for the charlatans).

And then there is Josh Feuerstein.

Josh is someone who I normally shy away from giving any limelight to, as I see him as one of the many that only remains current on account to secularists finding the need to spread everything stupid for the purpose of “showing people how stupid these people really are”. Yes, because giving them MORE publicity is going to help.
But anyway, mentioning him is a necessity in this case, being a publicity stunt he pulled caused one small bakery in Florida to reap a fuck load of bigoted blow back from all over the United States.

I already knew that Feuerstein was a moron, based on his first anti-evolution viral video and the string of others that followed (including the $100,000 Atheist Challenge).  But now he has proven himself to be an outright asshole, with his lack of consideration as to what the possible consequences would be of sicking hundreds of thousands of people onto a small business. All for the crime of, not baking a cake that was not even part of a real order.

Also, that hair! What a tool! Of the ILLUMINATI!

But Vigilant Christian/DP references aside, all of this opposition from the Christian small business community is interesting to me.

Not on account to the irony of Josh Feuerstein using the term “Un-American” to describe the actions of the bakery he contacted. Its not on account to the the “Christlike” (or NOT, in this case) nature of this friction. And its not really on account to the whole “biting the hand that feeds”, deliberately sabotaging ones way of life in a capitalist world.
Its more with Let he who is without Sin, cast the first stone .

I hate to use biblical verses as fodder to nit pick. It was a favorite trick in my Atheist forum cruising days, but now I have grown up. By that, I mean that it is GOOD that not everyone follows the bible “correctly” (this world would be a WHOLE lot more intolerant and dangerous had more Christians been of the True variety).

But, like anyone else who I catch being hypocritical while standing up on a soap box, I feel a need to knock them down a peg. You made the bed, now lay in it.

It is almost impossible to live in a westernized first world nation without being at least somewhat sinful. I am not just talking about the hypo-Christians caught partaking in any of the familiar “moral” sins (like adultery or sodomy) either. I would bet that most every one of us has broken some biblical “law” at some point.
Things like, mixed fabrics. Seafood. Working on Sunday (SHIT! Ide be stoned to death today). Then there are the big 2 for America, Greed and Gluttony.
Which brings us to these Christian business owners.

When it comes to And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God , where is the line between “rich” and “acceptable”?
Are you judging this based on only a first world prospective, or are you also taking the third world into consideration?
Do you care?

I would not really expect a Christian to live up to all of the rules because, that would be impossible. And in the case of sexuality (either homo or hetro), it would go against your very nature (as demonstrated quite often in many past incidents).

Having said that, do not stand on your high horse and look down on your fellow humans as unwashed heathens in comparison to your “godly” nature. We are on opposing ends of the spectrum due to evidence , but we are also miles apart in terms of arrogance.

I can be very argumentative and confrontational in the right situation. That may come across as arrogant to some. But in terms of my beliefs and expectations of others, I have learned to keep it simple.

Personal choices that have no bearing on anyone else are not my business (aside for situations requiring consent from another person. In most of those, its not my business if consent is given).
I do not expect every person to be as well versed in academic affairs as the average scientist or philosopher. But I do expect people to reach out to those with verified knowledge, if they are unsure (this one is particularly difficult in the age of social media tribalism). And above all, I expect all to be able to properly analyze most ALL the information that comes their way (not just what is applicable to those of differing viewpoints).

As for my viewpoint on religions, the best word that I can think of is, irrelevant. Religions are not irrelevant in terms of cultures the world over, but they are from the standpoint of the physical properties of our world.

As for the “God” question, then I simply have no idea. It is the eternal enigma. And it will very likely remain unexplained for the rest of my life (and likely for the rest of the existence of humanity), so I don’t really give it all that much thought.

The moral of the story is, Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven .