Why MB Man? 

Though this is not exactly important, it may be something that some wonder about. So I will give it a some explanation. 

Back when I first started blogging, I had to come up with some kind of nickname and “identity” to go by. Truth be told, this was likely more difficult then writing a bit about myself for the “About” section (as well as my very first post).

So I decided to go with MB Man. I choose this, because I reside in Manitoba, so I figured that it was suitable to mold my digital identity around  the context of which I assumed many of my works would be written from. A Manitoba man. This is also why some thumbnails of my site have a photo of a hay bale (was fitting at the time, but have not figured out how to change the image).

However, as time went on, I found myself less focused locally and regionally,  and more so, everywhere. I wrote very little about matters of the province itself, but took on a vast array of more general topics. I didn’t even really pay much attention to my many topics of interest until I categorized them all not to long ago (only stuff covered more then once is catagorized). And I still find myself periodically adding more tags. 

But either way, eventually MB Man became unfitting to the material that was presented. And I also found myself feeling a bit arrogant, since “Manitoba Man” almost incinuated that I am speaking for everyone in this province. That may be just me seeing that, but I felt a need to change it none the less. 

Which is where The Thought Zone came in. This platform serves as a catch basin for just a sliver of my many thoughts, so what better name then that. 

Though I changed around my titling here (and my Twitter address to @TheThoughtZone), my URL and twitter handle remain the same. 

At first this was a bit of an inconvenience. Its easier leaving the old URL intact just for all the search engine traffic. And I have no idea how to toggle a user name/handle on twitter (I’ve tried).

But then I realized that using both in conjunction seemed more appropriate. Even though my vehicle is “The Thought Zone”, MB Man is a more person-like handle to have a conversation with (be it in a comment section here or elsewhere, or on Twitter). I am already known primarily as “MB Man” by at least 2 resident bloggers on this site, so may as well stick with that identity. 

So in closing, though “MB” used to stand for “Manitoba”, its now just an empty nickname. It serves no descriptive purpose other then providing a more person-like “identity” to anyone interecting with me either here on WordPress  or on Twitter. 

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