Dr. Phil Posts Sexual Assault Tweet, Outraging Twitter Audience

Dr. Phil Posts Sexual Assault Tweet, Outraging Twitter Audience

As shown in some of my past entries, I have developed quite an annoyance, when it comes to thoughtless negative reaction to viral tidbits of information making the rounds on social media sites. I wrote about it HERE and have touched on it on many other past posts.

Just in, another such incident has happened. This time not a viral meme or a youtube video, but a tweet, sent from Dr Phil to his followers. I can only assume, to get the audience talking about a future (or planned) show.

Dr Phil

As you can see, its nothing but a simple yes or no question.

But, people being the reactionary idiots they are, have automatically jumped on the feminism bandwagon, throwing false accusations where no such intent exists. Even though:

1.) Switch out “girl” and “her” with “guy” and “him”, and chances are, this would not be on my radar

2.) If Maury or Jerry Springer had asked  this question to their respective audience, chances are I would not know either

Though the question is not exactly easy to answer, at the same time, its not demeaning. Alcohol makes all people at times, do stupid things that they may later regret. It is not a slap in the face of women everywhere, its an acknowledgement to a tricky question.

So, for the love of all things you consider holy, USE YOUR HEAD before you overreact to NOTHING.

Were supposed to be the most intelligent organisms on this big ole planet. But we sure have a funny way of showing it.

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