Micheal Moore – A True American Patriot

Though I reside in Canada, technology keeps me connected to the happenings and situations in places all over the world, including those in the US. And the picture is not pretty. The trajectory the leaders of the nation have put the country (and by extension, the world) on, can not end well, when looking in the long term. And the thought of changing it at this point, seems impossible.

Which can make the world a mighty depressing place if your a person like me. Kind of like watching the iceberg coming, but having no one else share in your fear.

But fortunately, not everyone is complacent in the status quo. There are many famous names that do there best to wake up the herd. George Carlin (RIP) and Bill Maher are a couple of my favorites. But one that I have followed for a long time, was Micheal Moore.

The first film of his that I seen, was Fahrenheit 9/11. I remember that, because it was not long after it came out (2002 or 2003). My family and a family friend seen a screening of it at the university theater.

A few years after that in high school (grade 10 I think), we were shown his film “Bowling For Columbine”, of which I also liked.

Now before I begin, to the naysayers who will raise an eyebrow and fight the urge to smash the keyboard upon reading the title of this entry, I must say that I have seen this from both sides. Seeing the documentary film “Micheal Moore Hates America”, did I admit, open my eyes a bit. As it turns out, some of his movies may (at the very least) be borderline propaganda, and may not always show the entire picture. Though much  of  Fahrenheit 9/11 was debunked long ago, some of his other  films (including my personal favorite, Bowling for Columbine) are not as honestly filmed as I would like.

But, even saying this, I still remain a fan, because his heart seems to be in the right place. Having seen pretty much everything between Roger & Me and Capitalism: A Love Story, he always strikes me as a man who is willing to do almost anything, in order to stand up for the American people. My recent discovery of TV Nation,  is full of hilarious situations in which he does this, but as are his films.
And he even has a fictional film to his name called “Canadian Bacon“, of which he cleverly has a cameo part.

With the state of America, and the world today, we need more people like Micheal Moore, to get the word out. Which is why even though he can indeed be a bit dishonest in reporting, he is still a true American patriot. When compared to many of the  people who currently label themselves “patriots” today, there is no question who fits the profile more.

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