Vegan Douchebag Exploits Grandfathers Death

I have covered a youtube vegan’s video before, that one originating from VeganAtheist, NOT the person showcased here (VeganGains). While I found VeganAteist to be arrogent and at times not always honest, it was merely ideological differences. Though I felt the presentation was borderline propaganda, I had no doubt that it was meant only to communicate a subject of utter importance to Vegan Atheist. 

In that same piece, I also touched on a than popular video put out by yet another youtube vegan named Freelee the Banana Girl, who had made the argument that anyone who ate meat should be put to death. Though I thought that was pretty bad (how can you POSSIBLY top THAT?!), it appears it can get worse.  

Enter VeganGains, another vegan youtube personality. 

Though I am somewhat familiar with this guy (The Drunken Peasants occasionally covers his videos, including one directed at TJ encouraging him to lose weight), he is not someone I am overly familiar with. Because he caters to a different crowd. 

But with this video (which I am sure to see covered on DP sometime this week), things just got worse. 

On a warm day, VeganGains and his grandfather were headed to a park to fly some RC drones (a trip that involves traversing some hills and a couple of ravines). On the way to the park, apparently the grandfather displayed (and volcalized) signs of exhaustion. To which the response was apparently information on a healthy vegan lifestyle (and otherwise ignored). 

After that,  the trip apparently went without incident, both the rest of the way to the park and later, back. later that day however, the grandfather had a heart attack. During which (upon arrival of the paramedics) the grandson grabbed his video camera and started filming.  Though he was going to use it on his channel (“this is the result of a lifetime of meat eating!”), obvious friction from family members caused him to decide not to use the footage. Which was what spawned his original upload, which was than taken on by Repzion (and many others). 

Interestingly enough, the response to the Repzion video was a death threat. I know . . . Whats with crazy vegans and threatening to kill people?!

Both videos make speculations about the mental stability of VeganGains. Though I don’t like to really do that, I will agree with one thing they say. There does seem to be signs of sociopathy. Or at very least, SOMETHING is not quite right. 

Its in the delivery of the message. One sees an emotionless person, I see an almost happy expression. 

One apparent explanation (at least as served up from the person themselves) was possible past abuse from the grandfather. Though this does not seem to go as far as being violent, volcal abuse and criticism can be just as damaging. I have had my fair share of male role models not shutting the fuck up and recognizing that what THEY are interested in is not always universal (even if its a shared trait in the family).  Putting a piece of blank paper in front of me and expecting art is about as useful as me putting a sheet of looseleaf in front of them and expecting a novel. 

But none the less, though overbearing role models did stunt my progress for awhile, I obviously got past it. If anything, it was more of a boost. You don’t agree with me? Well I don’t agree with you either! Yeah I do have “opinions” on many diffrent things! That is a product of a healthy intellectual curiosity. Try it sometime. You might actually LEARN something by shutting the fuck up for once. 

Though those influences did obviously had a profound effect for quite some time (the reaction is strong to this day!), its something that is in the past. 

Looking at the video, it seems that VeganGain’s reaction could be one of 2 things. 

One could be that it IS relief that the  grandfather is dead (due to the past abuses). Though the reaction to such stories seems rather, unnoticeable. This could be a possible reaction of emotional numbness. But its also a sign of a story teller (it can be hard to have a deeply emotional reaction to something you never experienced). I am leaning towards the latter. 

The other reason (as eluded to by Stevie in the 2ed video), is possibly a lacking of these emotions in the first place.

The past could still have something to do with it. Though in this case, it may serve more as a method of communicating grief and emotion than anything else. Which helps to hide the fact that he seen an opportunity in the death. This could be so whether the heart attack was just coincidentally the same day as the park trip or . . . . Not. 

Either way, I have to say that I feel bad for all the vegans out there that have to put up with . . . . This. Not only do the the arrogant bring a blackmark to the term. Now the nutcases give the WORST of the femenist SJW’s a run for their money.  

5 thoughts on “Vegan Douchebag Exploits Grandfathers Death

  1. It’s just another nutter, There are meat eating nutters, vegan nutters, fruitarian nutters (go wild), religious nutters, violent nutters, atheist nutters etc, YouTube is a breeding ground for sociopaths who can reach lots of people these days. Mentally ill or just plain gits. Giving them air time and links just feeds them. Not to suggest you shouldn’t do so, just that I believe it does. It all just reaffirms prejudices that are sat there begging to be proven right.

    – s.u.t.C

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      1. Hey, you’re only human. (sonmi is not of this world and therefor never makes mistakes *laughing*). Maybe alter the post slightly to make that not so? (I’m channeling a negative Captain Picard there I think).

        – sonmi smiling upon the Cloud

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