I’m All About The Cats, About The Cats, No Doggies

Daily writing prompt
What animals make the best/worst pets?

First of all, Happy Easter to everyone. What a good way to make use of this holiday than to write about the cute and cuddly friends that make our lives more tolerable.

As the title suggests, I am a cat person. I have always loved every one of these furry, independent and totally different personalities in my life at different times (including my current set, a tabby and a black ragdoll). I do not let them roam the streets, though they are fully up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. My neighbourhood has enough strays as it is that the area birds are always going to be in competition. And its much easier to keep them out of trouble. Though I don’t think the tabby would run out the door even if it was left open, I fear the ragdoll wouldn’t know enough to get out of the way of impending danger (cars). She certainly doesn’t when it comes to walking (a sometimes dicey predicament when one is climbing the stairs).

I used to hate dogs, particularly noisy dogs. The kind that yip and yap at every little sound emanated from within the neighbourhood. And I would never own a dog since the idea of doggy breath and slobber is . . . not for me lol. Friendly pooch or not, I don’t like being licked by dogs. Though I let my cat do it (interpreting it as a sign of affection, and/or her way of nourishing our bond), I still wash my hands afterward.

However, I no longer blame the dogs for their noisy behaviour since wiser folk than my ideologically biased self once told me that dogs are only as bad as their owners. For every noisy dog there is a bad owner that never bothered to train the animal.

Another thing this person taught me was that dogs aren’t nearly as dirty as I once taught them to be in terms of bathroom habits. Whilst dogs generally take care of their business outdoors, cats need to have a box of clay in the house that may or may not almost always end up scattered all across the floor of the room which contains it, and beyond. And this box needs daily attention since the smell can become quite noticeable very quickly when it comes to neglect. Even if you don’t really notice it, everyone that enters your house certainly will.

Whilst it isn’t exactly nice to have the snow melt away to reveal a winter’s worth of dog dung all over the public domain, such is hardly the dogs fault.

Not that I would ever suggest that anyone do this, but imagine the look on the uncaring litterbug’s face if all this shitE ended up dupped on their front lawn. Free fertilizer!

Moving on to a new class of pets, birds. I have lived with birds before (as a kid) and like the idea a bit, but so too could the cats. I’m sure nothing short of the bite of a Macaw keep these predators at bay.
That and birds are too high-maintenance a pet for me to even consider. If the cage is left for too long, you have the same issue of overwhelming smells.

I have always lived in the company of bunnies. Though they are soft and cuddly (and surprisingly territorial, particularly females), they are also too high maintenance. The smell from an unmaintained cage also became unbearable in fairly short order.

I also have limited exposure when it comes to exotic critters (Snakes).

Though they do in fact fit into the category that is Pet, having handled a snake (a ball python in particular) makes it hard for me to use that label. The word Pet lends itself to all things fluffy and warm. Cats, dogs, bunnies and the like. Which is not the feeling that is invoked by having a python draped on one’s neck.

Though I wouldn’t really call it fear (though it certainly factored in), a word more apt would be strange. The skin is cool and scally, and its nose is in its tongue. So even though it seemed a tad terrifying that it was moving its head up and down my stomach whilst sticking out ots forked tongue, it was in truth, likely just sizing me up. It was probably just as confused about me as I was about it lol.

To close, though there are many different options when it comes to critters that will keep us company and bring us joy, I am all bout the kitties. But that is just my personal preference. You enjoy whatever critter brings you the most warmth.

Just do not neglect your critter.

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